I am launching my very own website, which I am extremely excited about. This will be a news source as well as a personal daily blog. I am pursuing my dreams as a sports journalist and KPSJN will be the official starting point to my career. Please support me in the process by viewing and commenting on my work. It is much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy the upcoming projects.

Now, to satisfy your curiosity regarding my website name and logo. KPSJN — “KP” is simply representing my initials. The letters following “SJN” represents sports journalism news. Although I am specifically specializing in sports, I will be broadening the spectrum by posting in other categories such as fashion, entertainment, and other news. My logo includes the Miami skyline, which represents my hometown. The city life in which has influenced a huge part of my life. My logo is personal; it illustrates my style and who I am.



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