Is Ryan Tannehill Ready for 2017?


The answer is yes.

Now, some of you who aren’t the biggest fans of Tannehill may be thinking, “well this is unfortunate.” The fact of the matter is No. 17 will be our starting quarterback come August unless the Dolphins decide to draft or pick up another quarterback.

Ryan Tannehill missed the last three games of the regular season as well as the postseason because of a left knee injury. There were questions whether or not he would need a surgery to reconstruct his knee, but those rumors are long gone since he is in fact healed. Sources state he has fully recovered from a partially torn ACL and sprained MCL. Tannehill went through a series of tests to determine his strength and suitability. Team doctor John Uribe stated he was fully healed and would need no further rehabilitation.

This is great news for the Dolphins considering they do not currently have another quarterback who can fill in his place. OTA’s and minicamps begin in May. Training camp begins in July meaning Ryan Tannehill should be ready to go. Coach Adam Gase is still going to monitor his play time making sure there are no reoccurring possibilities of an injury.

According to team doctors, trainers, and coaches a specific routine including rigorous workouts and healing exercises would be just as good as surgery. Tannehill will be starting the 2017 season with a brace on his left knee, but it will only be as a precaution.

Coaches and Tannehill are confident he will thrive in the 2017 season. Tannehill has already expressed he’s excited to work with their new addition, Julius Thomas.


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