Privileged and Clueless

If you ever wonder whether or not you are privileged and clueless… read the following.

I am blatantly aware that I am privileged, but really never paid attention to all the numerous opportunities I’ve had growing up.

For example, I possess approximately three guitars in which I’ve never learned how to play. I have a ukulele that costed a pretty penny… I also never learned how to play. I had drums at one point, which resulted in the garbage because well it was “collecting dust and taking up too much space.” The one thing I actually did learn how to play was my trumpet, but that was a middle school thing. Now it sits gently somewhere in storage with no use. I had no idea how privileged I was regarding certain things in life. I never considered all these instruments I have and the very little to no possibilities others have of ever possessing an instrument they so desperately want to play. Yet here I have all these instruments with little to no care regarding them. 

Just when I thought I wasn’t as privileged as those perhaps economically higher than myself. I think of those who have little to no possibilities of ever having even one instrument in which I own five of. 

I’m sure we all own or have things we never pay attention to, knowing someone else with a yearning want would make much more use of it.


One thought on “Privileged and Clueless

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  1. One of those guitars that you own was at one time mine. I also never learned how to play it so I passed it on to you thinking you were going to make good use of it. In my middle room which besides my computer has all sorts of toys, bins full of different things, a scooter which hasn’t seen the street in I don’t know how long, and oh yes there is a set of bongo drums I also never learned how to play. Yes Kayla, we all have things other people might want and enjoy and yet we do nothing to benefit them. Such is life !!!!!!!!!!!!


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