We all understand we are part of the same human race yet individuals still want to pin point who is more superior to who and who is the most inferior to everyone else. What the human race needs to also understand is the way superiority and inferiority has been set up is actually an entire illusion based on a mindset made thousands of years ago.

Racism may not be lawfully acceptable or nationally acceptable anymore, but there’s always loopholes to racism. Let’s look at racism today as more verbal than physical. We’ve moved past the 19th and 20th century of hangings, lynching, and other brutalities. There is still unfairness and unjustified acts happening today. Whether it’s a minority receiving more time in jail than a white man and they’ve committed the same crime or still being verbally slandered on the street because of your ethnic background.

I’d like to discuss some reasons as to why it is these people are still so racist. Before indulging in my reasons I would first like to state that we are all at one point stereotypical, but that does not mean we are racist. We all have stereotypes of one another even of individual people like celebrities, it does not even have to involve ethnicity.

The exact definitions:

Stereotype – a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

Racism – prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
Now, that we understand the difference between the two we can get to the basis of the article.


I think this is the most evident from the rest because it is always discussed the way you are brought up as a child is most likely how you will develop and act as an adult. Our mindset and thoughts are shaped when we are very young. If family members are making racial remarks then you are most likely going to adapt to it and think that way yourself. The issue with this is that it becomes a cycle as we have already experienced over the generations of human kind. Unless one generation finally decides, “no this isn’t the right thing to do” then unfortunately it will continue to go on.

The Comfort Zone

It seems habitual to always want to hang around those you have common interests with whether it’s culture, hobbies, ethnicity, etc. It provides a sense of security being around those you feel comfortable with. The downside is this ultimately not only leads to ignorance of other groups you don’t associate with, but in some cases it also leads you to believe your “group of people” are better than everyone else.

Blaming Others For Societal Problems

When people are frustrated or angry over something happening, they usually like to blame someone for it. More specifically to the topic I am covering, they like to blame certain groups of people. Now, I believe this happens because these so called racists are actually trying to justify why it is they have these negative opinions on groups of people. It’s easier to put the blame on people you already aren’t the most accepting of. I don’t really want to point fingers here, but I will anyways. A perfect example because it still happens to be very relevant is Trump’s harsh perception on Mexicans. Trump has basically blamed Mexicans for most wrongdoings in the United States including rapists, killers, etc. He’s also mentioned Mexicans are taking everyones job when in reality there has been little to no effect on overall wages and employment to American borns. This was stated by an economic professor named Franklin D. Blau. Mexicans along with other immigrants also take up only 13 percent of the population so it would be nearly impossible to take the jobs of all Americans.

Superiority Complexes

Like most bullies, racists also have superiority complexes. Also like bullies, racists use superiority complexes to mask their real feelings, which is usually insecurity and anxiety. People will sometimes use racial and discriminatory behavior in order to boost their self-esteem. They may feel the world is changing around them and their ethnic background is somehow not the majority rule anymore. When self esteem is endangered, people will resort by prejudicial actions in order to rebuild that loss of secureness.

Other subsidiary reasons of mine include the lack of exposure to minority groups or any group that person isn’t used to. Maybe an incident occurred with a certain group of people and they now discriminate against that specific race. Lastly, fear of the unknown. They may fear of something different and they don’t know to react to it. Narrow minds are most inclined to become this way, which is why I believe being culturally balanced is an extremely important quality to hold.

If you have other ideas as to why people are racist please share your thoughts.


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  1. I agree totally with your perception of this matter. In my opinion the most damage is done to children by their own parents. Racism is slowly taught from the cradle on to later years in a child’s life. When you see a racist person almost always the apple does not fall far from the tree. Hopefully in this day and age everyone will come to the understanding that we are all equal. We need more love and compassion in this world towards one another!!!!!!


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