Best Available Free Agent Guard’s for Dolphins 

With the trade of Brandon Albert to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Dolphins are left with a gap in the guard position. The O-line does have Laremy Tunsil, but that’s not enough to have a strong offensive line. Kraig Urbik is said to be a solid guard, but not enough to provide long term secureness for Ryan Tannehill. 

Both guard positions are in need of an upgrade so we are going to take a look at the top 5 free agents guards the Dolphins could potentially gain from.

Kevin Zeitler, 6’4, 320 lb

The Cincinnati Bengals guard had an impressive 2016 year.

Zeitler started all but one game in his 5-year career. He’s missed 8 games over the course of those 5 years, and he’ll only be age 27 this upcoming year. There’s a reason this guy is gonna get paid. He is a powerful guard when it comes to pass and run blocking. Definitely an anchor you want to have on your team.

T.J. Lang, 6’4, 318 lb

The Green Bay Packers guard will be turning 30 in 2017 and he is considered a great asset to have on a team. He has only missed 5 games of his 6 year career thus far. He’s a player you can count on to get the job done. One of the best in pass blocking and his run blocking is considered above average. His great initial burst of speed off the snap also doesn’t hurt to have.

Ronald Leary, 6’3, 320 lb

Undrafted out of college for fear of a degenerative knee issue, and besides the 2 games early in his rookie season, his injury concerns haven’t included the knee in his 4 years of playing for the Dallas Cowboys. He played every game except 1 in 2013 and 2014. He did have a rough 2015 with a groin injury, missing 12 games. 2016 saw him miss 3 games.

Although he’s had injury issues, he is still a great pass blocker and his run blocking is legit.

Larry Warford, 6’3, 317 lb

The Detroit Lions guard has faced injury troubles over his 4-year career, but he has started in every game that he has played since being drafted. Warford has only missed 7 games over that 4-year span. He will turn 26 before training camp begins.

Warford is a high quality free agent. He is dominant in both pass and run blocking. He is also well known for powerful finishes. A player to keep watch of over this off season.

Chance Warmack, 6’2, 323 lb

The former first round pick of the Tennessee Titans has only missed 2 games in his first 3 years of playing, but this past season he only played 2 games due to a right hand injury that resulted in surgery. 

Warmack has struggled with run blocking, but is impressive when it comes to pass protection. He’s a gamble, but for the Dolphins it might result as a positive one. He has potential to be one powerful guard. 


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