Miami Dolphins new contracts in works for Alonso, Stills, and Jones

Miami Dolphins are working diligently to get at least two of their players to come back by under going longer term deals.

Discussions of Kiko Alonso deserving a better deal is finally in the works. Dolphins have also been in conflict with Kiko in regards of having him move to outside linebacker. Alonso wants to remain in the middle but stated he would do whatever is best for the team. It seems Alonso will remain as middle linebacker after all as he is negotiating a new contract with the Miami Dolphins. 
Alonso is a restricted free agent so if he receives offers, the Dolphins stated they will be matching any offer he gets. They want him to stay. Reports say the Dolphins are aiming to tie the knot before the market opens on March 9th.

Media has reported Thursday that the Dolphins are not letting go of Kenny Stills that easily. Negotiations of a new contract are in the works. It was reported that Stills would receive a contract between $10-12 million, but rumors recently stated it would be closer to $8 million. Stills has openly and privately said he wants to remain in Miami. 

Negotiations with the Dolphins will continue, but other teams may also start negotiating with Kenny starting March 7th. It seems things will get interesting in the coming weeks regarding Mr. Stills.

Rashad Jones is not a rookie when it come to contract negotiations. In 2016 Jones tried to intimidate the Dolphins by saying he would hold out 2 years of his 4 year contract. With one year left on his deal and having a season ending shoulder injury in 2016, a new contract is up for Rashad. Jones feels he is one of the best in the safety position, which is a good argument. Besides this past season, Jones has been a reliable safety for the Dolphins. They will be negotiating a new deal as the Dolphins want to keep Jones.

Nothing has yet been put in stone, but with free agency approaching we will see more of the details in these contracts and whether they will be agreed upon.


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