Miami Dolphins Signings Still Not Enough

The Dolphins have been active in free agency thus far, but nothing like the big contracts signed in years past. The slower approach this year could go either way for the Dolphins since they still have a few holes to fill.

It’s great the organization has gone away from free spending back in the Jeff Ireland and recent Dennis Hickey days. They have become more calculated when it comes to signing, but we are still not strong enough to compare with the champs, the New England Patriots.

With the strong additions of Kony Ealy, Stephen Gillmore, Brandin Cooks, and Dwayne Allen the Dolphins have only been able to match ground with the Patriots rather than gain ground.

Kenny Stills signing and Reshad Jones extension was a big deal, they make key plays in the game that is needed. The addition of Andre Branch was eyebrow-raising to some. He’s a great rotational defensive end, which was also needed.

Ted Larson is a good guard to have for 3 years, but not someone the Dolphins can rely on for long term. The trade of a 6th-round pick for William Hayes was a questionable decision since the trade amounted to a one year rental of Hayes. These are called short term fixes. Dolphins need to seek the long term benefits of signing players. Lawrence Timmons was a great sign, but we caught him at 32 years of age so you have to wonder if he’ll continue playing for another 5 years.

It appears the Miami Dolphins have found veteran players to hold down the fort while they seek rookies to be the next potential starters in the next few seasons to come. This is the typical image of a “rebuild,” which can be both nerve-wracking and exciting to witness. The Miami Dolphins are trying to move forward on a positive term.

Miami still has holes at guard, Larson is not a long term decision. The signing of Nate Allen isn’t that exciting since he does not compliment Reshad Jones too well. That is only a band-aid to a bigger problem. Linebacker is still lacking at outside and if Timmons goes down we need someone who can fill his shoes. Defensive end and defensive tackle is still a big question that might be answered in the 2017 draft.

The remaining cap is $10 million dollars, but the rookies will take up about $6 million of that cap space so we will see what it leaves management to decide. Overall, the Dolphins have made some good adjustments and are finally not free spending as they have in the past seasons. This is a positive step in growth with the Miami Dolphins.


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