The Come Back Kids

At one point 19 games below the .500, the Heat are now on the verge of making the playoffs. They were 11-30 and now stand tied at 33-35 with the Pistons. They are both battling for that eighth spot, which takes them to the playoffs.

Goran Dragic sat out one game with a swollen black eye, but refused to sit out the Pelicans’ game. He played through it Wednesday night scoring 33 points while his teammate Hassan Whiteside scored 20 points and came down with 17 rebounds. It was another red hot win for the Heat against the Pelicans.

“Nothing’s guaranteed, everybody’s talking about how far we’ve come and what we’ve accomplished. We’re not in the playoffs yet. But at least we were given an opportunity to show persistence and develop that.” Erik Spoelstra told reporters after the game, who is also a nominee for Coach of the Year this season.

Wayne Ellington also added 19 points on the board. A total of 16 3-pointers were made in 112-120 win over the Pelicans. 

The Heat will play the Timberwolves at home this Friday, March 17 while the Pistons will play the Raptors. Let’s see who takes grab of the eighth spot after Friday. It might be a continuous battle until the playoffs.


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