Dolphin’s 2017 Schedule Breakdown

The 2017 NFL schedule has been released this week. The Dolphins have quite the schedule this year and some great prime time games. We are taking a trip to London once again and our bye week seems to take place at an interesting time. The league finally allowed the Dolphins to open up their season at home for just the second time in six seasons. The excitement for the draft is escalating and so it is for the regular season as well. I’m here to give you a game by game breakdown to have you grow more enthusiasm for the upcoming season.

Week 1 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Dolphins are finally hosting at home for the opening of the season. Now Tampa Bay and the Dolphins do not meet often so it should be quite the interesting match up. They have evenly split 10 games dating back to 1976. With Jameis Winston at quarterback it could be a great competition, but we’ll keep a look out on the team. After all, the Buccaneers is the chosen team for the HBO Hard Knocks series this summer. They’re a rising team for the playoffs so it’ll be a great challenge for the Miami Dolphins at the start of the season.

Week 2 – Los Angeles Chargers

That’s right the Chargers did move to Los Angeles if you had forgotten. I am also not sure about why there are two Los Angeles teams for various sports not only in football, but that’s besides the point. The Dolphins have built a great record against the Chargers the past few years. Just last year we beat them in part of our six-game winning streak. The Dolphins will be playing in a soccer stadium just one of our odd venues this season.

Week 3 – New York Jets

New York another great city with various teams in one sport. The Dolphins may be jet lagged in their trip from Los Angeles to New York, but they really shouldn’t have trouble handling the Jets. Miami swept the Jets last season and fortunately the Jets haven’t improved much this off-season so this game gives the Dolphins a reasonable shot at starting the season 3-0.

Week 4 – New Orleans Saints

This game will take place in the wonderful foreign city of London. Now remember when the Dolphins had that great 3-0 start to the 2013 season then they ran into New Orleans and lost 38-17, which caused the downhill effect that ruined their season? Well I certainly do and here we are again Week 4 with the high possibility that the Dolphins have a 3-0 start. We are a much different team than we were in 2013 so my expectations of winning are high against the Saints. New Orleans has also struggled the past couple years even though Drew Bree’s continues to put up crazy numbers.

Week 5 – Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans are one of those teams that we can’t seem to get the upper hand on. The result of our last match up was entirely embarrassing and the Titans are another team pushing for a playoff run this season. Both teams are looking to find their way up so it should be a compelling one.

Week 6 – Atlanta Falcons

Although the Falcons blew an enormous lead against the Patriots in the Super Bowl last season, they still did make the Super Bowl. They came off an 11-5 season and are looking to redeem themselves in the 2017 season so the Dolphins will find themselves in a challenge Week 6.

Week 7 – New York Jets

Our second meeting with the Jets this season and another early one too. This game would be reaching around mid-season for the Dolphins so it could either go really well or patheticly bad for them, but I’m looking on the positive side for the Miami boys this week.

Week 8 – Baltimore Ravens

Another organization that gives the Dolphins much trouble. The Dolphins have played the Ravens for five straight seasons and have won only one out of all those meetings. They will have a hard time coming off a short week, but hopefully they will finally be able to pull out that win against the pesky Ravens.

Week 9 – Oakland Raiders

A Sunday Night Football game where the Dolphins can flaunt their stuff and prove how great of a team they are. The Oakland Raiders were a Super Bowl contender last season before future prime time quarterback, Derek Carr was injured. This will be a great game for the Dolphins to prove their competitiveness and add to their winning record.

Week 10 – Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers have disappeared since their appearance at the Super Bowl in 2014. The team has not been able to get it together and with Cam Newton’s poor attitude I don’t think it has gotten any better. Miami faced the Panthers in 2013 and lost. This will be a Monday night game so both teams should bring their all. I do believe the Dolphins have the upper hand in this one.

Week 11 – Bye Week

Miami’s preference was to have the bye week before the London game or more towards the middle of the season, but were not the Patriots so priority position is not the same.

Week 12 – New England Patriots

Although the bye week was preferred at another time, their is a positive in that. We get to prepare for the New England Patriots for two weeks. Some say that doesn’t make a difference and that’s very well true, but it just might. The New England Patriots swept us last year and the season resulted in winning the Super Bowl, but Jarvis Landry believes in his team. His prediction is that the Dolphins sweep the Patriots entirely. Bold move, Landry, but I like that attitude. Let’s get the presumed impossible done.

Week 13 – Denver Broncos

Adam Gase will face his old team for the first time as head coach so I have a strong feeling he’s going to want this one badly. Broncos nearly made the playoffs last season, but they are a mediocre team. They are a very beatable team for the Dolphins if they minimize the errors that were quite relevant last year.

Week 14 – New England Patriots

“Did we not just play them like two weeks ago?” Yes we did, and here we are meeting them again for a Monday night rumble. It’s a perfect spotlight to show we aren’t to be messed with. This will most likely be an extremely important game so let’s hope the Dolphins battle this one out and win. Get Landry that sweep he wants.

Week 15 – Buffalo Bills

Miami ended a four-year winning drought last Christmas Eve. The Buffalo Bills are one big dysfunctional organization, but it’s a division game and things happen. If Miami wants it bad enough, they will get it done.

Week 16 – Kansas City Chiefs

Arrowhead Stadium is a tough one for most opponents, but seems like the Dolphins have kept it under control in recent trips. The Chiefs are a great team in the regular season so the Dolphins will have a rough game if not played to their best abilities.

Week 17 – Buffalo Bills

Another division game for the Dolphins in their last regular season game, but compared to playing the Patriots in their last game I’d say this is a big improvement. This could be a happy or miserable game for the Dolphins depending on how they show up; depending if they’re sitting pretty at the top of the division, struggling to earn a seat in the wild card, or even worse completely out of the playoff run.

My predictions seem to favor Miami naturally since I am a Dolphins fan, but in reality I know my team could potentially lose 5 games if not executed with competitive schemes. The Dolphins also have the sixth most difficult schedule in 2017, but finally it seems Miami is establishing a notable franchise. They’re a different team and I think they proved that towards the end of their 2016 season. Only time will tell, but it’s looking positive.


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