Miami Dolphins Signings Still Not Enough

The Dolphins have been active in free agency thus far, but nothing like the big contracts signed in years past. The slower approach this year could go either way for the Dolphins since they still have a few holes to fill.

It’s great the organization has gone away from free spending back in the Jeff Ireland and recent Dennis Hickey days. They have become more calculated when it comes to signing, but we are still not strong enough to compare with the champs, the New England Patriots.

With the strong additions of Kony Ealy, Stephen Gillmore, Brandin Cooks, and Dwayne Allen the Dolphins have only been able to match ground with the Patriots rather than gain ground.

Kenny Stills signing and Reshad Jones extension was a big deal, they make key plays in the game that is needed. The addition of Andre Branch was eyebrow-raising to some. He’s a great rotational defensive end, which was also needed.

Ted Larson is a good guard to have for 3 years, but not someone the Dolphins can rely on for long term. The trade of a 6th-round pick for William Hayes was a questionable decision since the trade amounted to a one year rental of Hayes. These are called short term fixes. Dolphins need to seek the long term benefits of signing players. Lawrence Timmons was a great sign, but we caught him at 32 years of age so you have to wonder if he’ll continue playing for another 5 years.

It appears the Miami Dolphins have found veteran players to hold down the fort while they seek rookies to be the next potential starters in the next few seasons to come. This is the typical image of a “rebuild,” which can be both nerve-wracking and exciting to witness. The Miami Dolphins are trying to move forward on a positive term.

Miami still has holes at guard, Larson is not a long term decision. The signing of Nate Allen isn’t that exciting since he does not compliment Reshad Jones too well. That is only a band-aid to a bigger problem. Linebacker is still lacking at outside and if Timmons goes down we need someone who can fill his shoes. Defensive end and defensive tackle is still a big question that might be answered in the 2017 draft.

The remaining cap is $10 million dollars, but the rookies will take up about $6 million of that cap space so we will see what it leaves management to decide. Overall, the Dolphins have made some good adjustments and are finally not free spending as they have in the past seasons. This is a positive step in growth with the Miami Dolphins.


Miami Dolphins new contracts in works for Alonso, Stills, and Jones

Miami Dolphins are working diligently to get at least two of their players to come back by under going longer term deals.

Discussions of Kiko Alonso deserving a better deal is finally in the works. Dolphins have also been in conflict with Kiko in regards of having him move to outside linebacker. Alonso wants to remain in the middle but stated he would do whatever is best for the team. It seems Alonso will remain as middle linebacker after all as he is negotiating a new contract with the Miami Dolphins. 
Alonso is a restricted free agent so if he receives offers, the Dolphins stated they will be matching any offer he gets. They want him to stay. Reports say the Dolphins are aiming to tie the knot before the market opens on March 9th.

Media has reported Thursday that the Dolphins are not letting go of Kenny Stills that easily. Negotiations of a new contract are in the works. It was reported that Stills would receive a contract between $10-12 million, but rumors recently stated it would be closer to $8 million. Stills has openly and privately said he wants to remain in Miami. 

Negotiations with the Dolphins will continue, but other teams may also start negotiating with Kenny starting March 7th. It seems things will get interesting in the coming weeks regarding Mr. Stills.

Rashad Jones is not a rookie when it come to contract negotiations. In 2016 Jones tried to intimidate the Dolphins by saying he would hold out 2 years of his 4 year contract. With one year left on his deal and having a season ending shoulder injury in 2016, a new contract is up for Rashad. Jones feels he is one of the best in the safety position, which is a good argument. Besides this past season, Jones has been a reliable safety for the Dolphins. They will be negotiating a new deal as the Dolphins want to keep Jones.

Nothing has yet been put in stone, but with free agency approaching we will see more of the details in these contracts and whether they will be agreed upon.

Dolphin’s Jarvis Landry Mixtape Tease

We are in the midst of the NFL offseason, where fanatics are desperately waiting for the next season to start and players seem to have too much free time on their hands. Well, our very own Jarvis Landry is making use out of that time. Apparently, he’s been working on a mixtape in which he promised fans last Summer. 

This past season Landry helped the Dolphins finally make the playoffs after an eight year drought. He is also entering the offseason in which he is reckoned to receive a contract extension. I assume Landry’s thoughts are, “what’s a better time to drop a Juice mixtape than right now?” Things have been looking up for Juice this year so we’ll have to see if his Mixtape will match up to all the success.

Jarvis told Billboard, “I like to talk about my life — kind of like Drake does.” He continued, “If you want to know what I’ve been doing or where I’ve been, listen to my lyrics; it’s all in there.” He posted an instagram video this past Sunday with a sneak peek of a song on his mixtape. The video opens, “I just want the life without the commentary, just want the love like it’s February.” I guess we will be hearing of Landry’s deep thoughts, but we will have to stay tuned in order to hear what’s next.

Jarvis says his Mixtape is about “65 to 70 percent done.” Give Landry’s clip a listen and see how he fairs compared to the popular rappers today. 

Best Available Free Agent Guard’s for Dolphins 

With the trade of Brandon Albert to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Dolphins are left with a gap in the guard position. The O-line does have Laremy Tunsil, but that’s not enough to have a strong offensive line. Kraig Urbik is said to be a solid guard, but not enough to provide long term secureness for Ryan Tannehill. 

Both guard positions are in need of an upgrade so we are going to take a look at the top 5 free agents guards the Dolphins could potentially gain from.

Kevin Zeitler, 6’4, 320 lb

The Cincinnati Bengals guard had an impressive 2016 year.

Zeitler started all but one game in his 5-year career. He’s missed 8 games over the course of those 5 years, and he’ll only be age 27 this upcoming year. There’s a reason this guy is gonna get paid. He is a powerful guard when it comes to pass and run blocking. Definitely an anchor you want to have on your team.

T.J. Lang, 6’4, 318 lb

The Green Bay Packers guard will be turning 30 in 2017 and he is considered a great asset to have on a team. He has only missed 5 games of his 6 year career thus far. He’s a player you can count on to get the job done. One of the best in pass blocking and his run blocking is considered above average. His great initial burst of speed off the snap also doesn’t hurt to have.

Ronald Leary, 6’3, 320 lb

Undrafted out of college for fear of a degenerative knee issue, and besides the 2 games early in his rookie season, his injury concerns haven’t included the knee in his 4 years of playing for the Dallas Cowboys. He played every game except 1 in 2013 and 2014. He did have a rough 2015 with a groin injury, missing 12 games. 2016 saw him miss 3 games.

Although he’s had injury issues, he is still a great pass blocker and his run blocking is legit.

Larry Warford, 6’3, 317 lb

The Detroit Lions guard has faced injury troubles over his 4-year career, but he has started in every game that he has played since being drafted. Warford has only missed 7 games over that 4-year span. He will turn 26 before training camp begins.

Warford is a high quality free agent. He is dominant in both pass and run blocking. He is also well known for powerful finishes. A player to keep watch of over this off season.

Chance Warmack, 6’2, 323 lb

The former first round pick of the Tennessee Titans has only missed 2 games in his first 3 years of playing, but this past season he only played 2 games due to a right hand injury that resulted in surgery. 

Warmack has struggled with run blocking, but is impressive when it comes to pass protection. He’s a gamble, but for the Dolphins it might result as a positive one. He has potential to be one powerful guard. 

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