If Shane Were Still Alive, How Would He React to Negan?


It’s Sunday night fellow readers, and you know what that means. The Walking Dead is almost here.

Shane… Shane… Shane… I’d say most had a love/hate relationship with him, and I’d also say most still think about “what if he was still alive?”

If Shane was still alive, I believe he would compare most to Abraham especially with the entire Negan situation. Assuming Shane was still as whacked out as we had last seen him, prior to being killed then re-killed again as a walker — against Negan he would have been more aggressive than anything. That would lead him to being killed by Lucille (Negan’s bat). Negan would have recognized Shane is erratical and not someone he can control or leave alone.

Negan also may have recognized that Shane just isn’t the same kind of leader as Rick. The reason he keeps Rick alive is because he finds him interesting and he knows that is his greatest leverage. Negan finds most boring and if anything Negan would find Shane boring, which results in death for Shane. He would irritate Negan so much he would end up killing him. This is similar to the cause and effect of Abraham’s death even though it was a “lottery kill.”

Like Abraham, Shane would have been a physical menace. He was a forceful person who would have put up a great competitive fight against Negan. He would have actually stood a chance in winning. I always assumed Abraham would die because out of the entire group, he was the biggest and most forceful person. If Negan killed him, it would show that Negan wasn’t frightened of taking on “the big guy,” besides he eliminated a serious physical menace.

Shane would have been much the same, not to mention he had a much shorter temper and a less stable mindset than Abraham. He would ultimately be a liability in which Negan could not allow in order to keep the Saviors secure, and under his command.


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